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Art Paper Stickers

Our Art Paper Stickers have three varieties, the gloss, matte and uncoated. These are made from quality materials and serve a broad range of uses, such as mailers and product labelling. Recommended for indoor use, they can be used outdoors for non-permanent applications. As the leading paper sticker printing company, our paper stickers such as art paper stickers, kraft paper stickers, classic paper stickers, and others are the most common and economical stickers usually purchased by our valued customers.


Gloss Lamination The most common and popular finish for Art Paper Stickers. Its glossy finish has much more striking appearance with your artwork design. It is used for a very wide range of applications such as shops and company logo / display stickers.

Matte Lamination Matte lamination is a finish for Art Paper Stickers that gives tactile effect, subdued but add a very elegant and luxurious finish where first impressions mean everything.

Uncoated A no coat finish for Art Paper Stickers however it has a little sheen or semi glossy on its finish. Uncoated finishing is best suggested if you are aiming for a more prestigious or elegant look.

Adhesive Type:

Normal Adhesive Normal permanent adhesive is typically used in labels and stickers both indoor and outdoor. Adhesion will depend on the surface and type of stickers.

Strong Adhesive (Except Matte Finish) Strong adhesive is available upon request. This is highly recommended for clients who want their stickers to stick longer than usual and not to peel easily.

Removable Adhesive (Uncoated Only) Removable adhesive is available upon request. It is designed to form a temporary bond and allow sticker removal without leaving residue. Removable stickers are reusable, however the adhesive does weaken with reuse.

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